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richard said:   October 10, 2013 12:17 pm PST
had some work done on my boat at fair grove marine a few times and was treated better than anywhere I have taken my boat before.. I need some prop work and josh suggested john's hot props so I talked with him twice and he is going to fix me up with a prop tomorrow.. it's nice to see some honest people still around....

Doug Vahrenberg said:   May 17, 2012 6:29 am PST
Here are comments from my heart about Johns Hot Props. As a Professional Fisherman I've learned alot growing up over the thing for sure I've learned alot from trial and errors like where to run my boat and not to run the boat...And I've learned alot about props from these errors...I've learned who to trust with my Prop Repairs and who not to trust....John's Hot Props is the BEST I've found! His honesty and knowledge sets him apart from the numerous others. It's amazed me how many "Prop Experts" no nothing about taking care of your investment and only are looking out for their pocket book by charging fees that are normal prop repair practices. John's Hot Props is different...he goes the extra mile to repair your prop to original specs or beyond and Maximezes Performance from your Prop. Maximum Performance equals Maximum Fuel Economy. John knows Props and is THE ONLY Honest Prop Guy for me...Take it from my trial and errors...You'll be Money ahead having the BEST in the World use his great skills to get your prop super tuned and restored for maximum performance.

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